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*Keep in mind that I am not The Bunny The Bear, nor do I claim to be. I do not own any pics unless I state otherwise about a photo I've taken myself. This blog has no affiliation with The Bunny The Bear, they however are aware of it's existence, it's nothing more than a fanpage. (=

If anyone can submit photos of the new band members, that’d be great! (:

This is awesome, not sure if it’s still going on!
I have Chris’s mask already plus multiple autographs from them, Matt’s would be great to have too though.

So I’m possibly seeing TBTB for the 2nd time soon. Get to see all the new members and get some new merch. (:

New bandies ;(

The Bunny
The Bear
Jake Andrews
Cody Morse
Steve Drac
Matt Trozz

An oldie!

I’m awaiting a reply from the one who claims my facts are wrong.
Please, grow a pair and tell me what information is wrong, you’re anonymous anyways. Be sure to read inside the albums and TBTB’s own Facebook before you assume things are false since all my information is gotten straight from them.
Thank you! (:

Anonymous said:
who runs this? because your facts are all so wrong.

And what facts may be wrong? None of the stuff I posted is false, so maybe you should do a little more research, my friend.

I almost forgot, Brian Dietz is no longer the drummer for TBTB.
This saddens me very much, Brian was awesome, but I guess they just weren’t happy with him.
I’ll miss his energetic, sweet self the next time they come out here.
And just because he’s not a part of the band anymore, doesn’t mean I won’t post photos of him still.

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